Mindful Blend


Come nurture your body, mind, and soul, here at The Homestead, located in the beautiful Pinnacle Valley of Little Rock, AR.  

Give yourself some "me time" with an empowering weekend designed to deepen the personal journey, by learning inspired and practical strategies to grow trust and self love. Through a powerful blend of hypnotherapy, life coaching, yoga and meditation, you will explore the courage, persistence, and patience that it takes to thrive in the life you were born to live.  Transform your inner-conversation and take time to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Pinnacle Valley, while enjoying local, organic, vegetarian food.  Return home more connected to the longing of your heart and with a path to living purposefully with ease and contentment.

Although at 71 years old, I was the oldest in our group by about 20 years, I enjoyed it very much.  I thought it was information that my 18 year old granddaughter could use throughout her life and I wanted to share an educational experience with her.  It is now a memory I think we will both cherish.  Although I did not have any paradigm shifts, which I did not expect at this phase of my life, it was good to be nudged again to awaken knowledge that I had not been mindful of lately.  I also am so glad to have a reference to use when talking with my granddaughter.  I could see that others were having epiphanies and that was refreshing.  There were many touching and lovely moments and some that left me in tears for the intimate beauty of the connections.  All three of the leaders were inspirational and well educated in their areas of expertise.  They all felt like a gift.  I left feeling very relaxed and nurtured and grateful that I attended as if I had been at a spa.  It has been a week since I attended and I am still feeling the glow.   With gratitude,

Cas - January 2020


I participated in a Mindful Blend Retreat in November of 2019 and I found the location to be exquisite.  The content of the retreat made it the best one I have ever participated in.  We had discussions about being mindful and what that means in our lives.  We talked through how we might actually use the information we learned.  The mornings started with a gentle yoga to brighten the day.  There was morning yoga on both days and there were afternoon sessions for moving.  We also got to participate in a hypnotherapy session on both days.  What was beautiful was the seamless nature of transitioning from session to session.  Each was so complimentary and tied together.  The food was vegetarian and super delicious.  Every second was geared toward focusing the mind on conscious awareness and acceptance.  I will come again, and bring my daughter.  

- T.Floyd


I attended a "healing from Grief" weekend in March of 2019 and it was amazing.  The practitioners are wonderful, the meals are amazing, and the women I met were so kind and accepting.  The location of the retreat itself is absolutely beautiful.  100% recommend giving Mindful Blend Retreat a try if you need a refresh or just and to practice self care.  

- Jennifer MB


November 9th of 2018 - I pulled up and sat nervously outside of a big pretty house in a big dark field and I had no idea what to expect as far as what I was about to walk in to. I had signed up for this women’s retreat because my life coach - Tharwat Lovett - was trying it for the first time and as someone who believes deeply in her and her work, I couldn’t NOT go. I also thought it sounded interesting to blend the coaching with the hypnotism (which I was totally afraid/doubtful/not convinced of at first) and the yoga. I thought there was no way I could be stressed out in an environment like that - and I had felt that stressed out for far too many days in a row....I needed to retreat.  What happened for me at the mindful blend retreat was - that after some pretty intense weeks and months piled up consisting of checking boxes, chasing dreams, fulfilling roles and spinning the plates - was that I got a second to breathe. I mean BREATHE. I will admit it was awkward at first - what experience can you have with a wide open heart that isn’t a little awkward? I learned a lot - I went with an open mind and an open heart and I truly left with far more than I had imagined I would. 


We spent time relaxing, learning, and breathing. The yoga was challenging enough but was also relaxing, restorative and made me feel centered and strengthened without exhausting me. The food was AWESOME and it is nice having nothing BUT healthy options around that also taste GREAT! It makes for a desire for healthy food when you leave - your body will love the little 3 day reset it will get eating the way Susie sets you up to eat during the retreat! The hypnotism was the thing I was most inquisitive about and was curious over- I was shocked how much I enjoyed the whole thing! I have since read much on the subject and really enjoyed the whole process that Meredith engages you in. The best peice for me was the learning I did about myself and my personality and how I am built - Tharwat’s coaching helped a TON with that. I also got to leave with several peices of literature that have helped me understand myself and my approach to life’s obstacles on a deeper level since the retreat. 


The world is full of a lot of noise and I picked up some noise cancelling headphones at the mindful blend retreat. I look forward to participating in another one in the future and am thankful to have had the opportunity to experience the very first of them! The surroundings are beautiful, and I really, really enjoyed my experience!


Thank you Tharwat, Susie & Meredith!  - J. Taylor 


A serving of humble pie is a reward for the crumbling of the doubt and fear I had before attending the Mindful Blend Retreat. The rest of my reward is the courage and the tools to help me cope with my new life.  I will be forever grateful for the 3 amazing women in charge of it all and the experience that propelled me to think about the new direction I want my life to go.  And more importantly, I am worthy of it.

Meredith was the one who introduced me to the Retreat and gently prodded me to agree to join.  With an upbeat and contagious energy, she turned my skepticism about hypnosis on its head.  Why be at this retreat if I am not all in this journey to finding peace of mind.  I absolutely would do it again.  She also gave me a sense of pride I hadn't felt in many years and supported me by focusing on my strengths.  

Susie had created a warm, calming environment.  It only took a short while during the ice breaker for my anxiety to abate to where I felt safe among strangers.  Being the oldest and most out of shape had rattled me at first, but I knew I was supposed to be there and left the first night excited to return in the morning to do YOGA - GASP!  Susie was fabulous and opened me to the knowledge of what yoga's purpose is - connecting and quieting the mind, body and soul.  

Tharwat appealed to my scholarly side.  She is extremely knowledgable in explaining complicated science in a down-to-earth manner.  Her patience never waned by my incessant prattling and questioning for more information.  She taught me more than I remember and I am glad she handed out the information to refer back to when I need a reminder.  Thwart inspired me to believe I can succeed and have hope for my new life.  

My favorite part of the Retreat was the "Circle of Praise" or whatever it was called.  It was so uplifting and joyous.  I loved giving each of the unique ladies their due praise as well as hearing mine from them.  I am grateful to have been a part of the first retreat and encourage anyone to take part in what these 3 amazing and unique women have to offer to give you a kick start to a new life.  And the food was great too!    -  A Charles.